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Confluence Arts Center sits on the unceded land of The Molalla and The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and Siletz Indians. Scotts Mills and this property was also a Quaker Colony from the 1800’s, and is now shared with Domaine Margelle Vineyards on a gorgeous hillside overlooking Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The land is in the Cascade Foothills at 1000 feet and composed of ancient volcanic basalt flows that at one time formed the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, before it receded 100 miles to the west to form the shore boundary we know in this geographic age. Many shells have been found in the surrounding soil, and the area is now a natural habitat for hundreds of native birds and mammals. 


Confluence Arts Center was founded by Brianna Taylor, in collaboration with family and friends who’ve supported the vision coming to life. The evolution of the space is rooted in the values of co-creation, collaborative dreaming and expansive visioning. Until now, Confluence Arts has existed through Brianna’s creative performance work as Confluence Performance Project, and via her movement and bodywork offerings as Confluence Healing Arts. The inspiration for community gatherings began with Brianna’s sister Megan hosting a concert in the barn years ago, and planting seeds for a concert series along with Brianna's long-time dream of a home for her performance projects and a dance, healing and community arts space. These visions have evolved into what the center is today, and what it will continue to become.


The Barn lives in a Douglas Fir surrounded corner of the property, and sits on what was once a Christmas tree farm. It was designed and built by Nick Thomas and Steve Taylor from repurposed Christmas trees that were left unattended for years. This was central to the process of rehabilitating the land and allowing the remaining trees to thrive. The brand new kitchen and bathrooms were designed and brought to life by Brianna’s parents Marcia and Steve Taylor.  Originally built to house vineyard equipment, the barn is now a space for hosting creative, healing, and community events.  


The beautiful Russian Birch sprung dance floor once lived in a church in Brooklyn, NY as a part of Brooklyn Studios for Dance. Carpenter and dancer Pepper Fajans designed and built the floor, and then uninstalled it when BkSD closed in 2020. He later transported the wood panels to Oregon, where it would become the flooring for Confluence Arts Center. Brianna danced and was inspired by performances at BkSD. Deeply moved by Pepper’s carpentry wizardry, she asked his advice on building a dance floor in a barn in Oregon. A conversation started in Brooklyn among two Pacific Northwest natives turned into a cross-country collaboration, as well as a new life for the dance floor in Scotts Mills, Oregon.



The mission of this center is to provide a retreat for anyone seeking to reconnect to their body/mind/spirit… To hold space for creative incubation, for co-creation in community, and for healing through movement, sound therapy, and bodywork offerings. We acknowledge that oppression of all forms affects the mind, body, and spirit, so we are committed to ongoing learning, equity and accountability in all our offerings and partnerships. 


We envision Confluence Arts Center as a home for creative, healing, and celebratory experiences for generations to come… A place to share creative connections and collaboration, yoga and healing retreats, dance classes and performances, concerts, sound therapy, ceremonies, massage/bodywork, writing retreats, inspired meals, and more! We continue to vision and work towards a strategic plan that includes a sustainable artist residency program, reparations for our BIPOC community members, partnerships to support indigenous peoples of what is now Scotts Mills, OR, and ongoing professional development towards equity, inclusion and accountability as we grow. Confluence Arts envisions a world where all can acknowledge the humanity within themselves and each other. 



Purpose: In geography, a confluence is the point where two or more tributaries or streams meet to become the source of a river with a new name. As the waters of a confluence connect and flow, water is a conductor of energy, so too is the purpose of Confluence Arts Center: a space for people to connect with themselves, their creative spirit and other inspired humans to generate something greater that only occurs with their presence, collaboration and exchange of energy. Confluence Art Center believes in the transformative power of the creative spirit.

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